Call-Diversion and Co-Location Initiative Launches in Calgary

The Calgary Police Service, Calgary 911 and 211 have begun a five-month call- diversion and co-location initiative to ensure Calgarians are getting the most appropriate service response in their time of need.

As community partners and part of our overall commitment to our city, CPS, Calgary 911 and 211 have worked collaboratively to find a long-term solution to assist people in distress who are better served by mental health, addiction or social services, rather than a police response.

“Distress Centre has a long-standing partnership with Calgary Police and 911 and this co-location pilot is an exciting demonstration of the strengthening and transformation of that partnership to better serve Calgarians,” said Robyn Romano, Chief Executive Officer of Distress Centre Calgary. 211 Calgary is operated by Distress Centre. “When someone is experiencing a mental health crisis, it can be an urgent and distressing situation but often does not require a 911 response. When someone contacts 211 they’ll speak to a live person who can connect them with the right resources and services for their issue.”

Watch the Press Conference: