Donor Spotlight: Lori and Jim Ryan

Lori and Jim Ryan have donated monthly to Distress Centre since 2014. In that time, they have provided monetary support, advocated for our agency and played a key role in organizing our 2018 Lend An Ear event. Jim spoke at the event, sharing some of his own struggles and triumphs, and had clearly emotional impact on the audience, receiving a standing ovation from some attendees.

We asked Lori a few questions to get to know the Ryans better.

img des: Jim Ryan standing at a podium, speaking at Lend An Ear 2018. There is a Distress Centre banner and a screen behind him showing the Lend An Ear brand - a speech bubble with "Lend An Ear: A Fundraising Event for Distress Centre" written inside.

Jim Ryan speaks at Lend An Ear 2018.

What inspired you to donate to Distress Centre?

Lori: After attending a Distress Centre event, I was invited to tour the office. I was impressed by the extensive training that is provided to the volunteers, along with the numerous supports that were available, including 211, ConnecTeen and the crisis line.

Is there a Distress Centre program that is special to you?

Lori: All the programs are important, but Jim and I feel the ConnecTeen program is so valuable for our teens – especially during this pandemic.

When you talk to someone about donating to Distress Centre, what do you tell them?

Lori: We talk about the different programs that are available, and recommend that they contact Roxanne (Resource Development Manager at DC) for more information, and to take the time to tour the office first-hand.

Thank you Lori and Jim Ryan! We are so grateful for your support!

If you want to support Distress Centre, make a donation or apply to volunteer.

Header photo: Lori (left) and Jim at Lend An Ear 2018.