Four years ago, Simone Rousseau, a Realtor with Simone Rousseau & Associates with RE/MAX Real Estate (Central), received a call from one of her clients who was experiencing distress. She immediately helped her client connect with Distress Centre.

“The call to Distress Centre was his turning point to getting the help he needed,” Simone said.

Simone had been introduced to Distress Centre by Anna Nelson, a DC Board Member at the time who had invited her to our Lend An Ear Breakfast. The two of them began donating monthly after they saw the great work DC does for the community. They felt it was an excellent organization to support.

“We feel that the services provided by Distress Centre are so needed,” Simone elaborated. “Whenever I have a chance to talk about the great work of Distress Centre, I do.”

Simone feels that her donations are making a difference in people’s lives, which is true. Donations fund our crisis services, including our 24-hour crisis phone line, counselling program, online support through crisis chat, and our ConnecTeen youth program, which provides peer support to teens and youth in distress through phone, chat, text and email.

Monthly donors, Lori and Jim Ryan increased their donation last year after Lori took a tour of Distress Centre.

On the tour, Lori learned more about our services, particularly our 211 information and referral line, 24-hour crisis line and our ConnecTeen program.

“I was shocked and impressed to discover that Distress Centre volunteers and staff are handling calls for all of these services,” said Lori, Vice President of Registered Plans & TFSA Division for Olympia Trust Company. Shortly after the tour she felt compelled to increase their monthly support of Distress Centre.

Jim, a retired Operations Manager for Calgary Transit, said that ConnecTeen initially prompted him to get involved with Distress Centre. He said he recognizes the mental health challenges that a lot of youth experience as they develop into young adults.

In his career with Calgary Transit, he said he has recommended many of our services to employees and their families. He is certified in suicide awareness and has mandated that all his supervisors at Calgary Transit complete a Suicide Awareness program.

The family has passed their giving nature and affinity for DC to their daughter, who turns 15 this year – the minimum age of our ConnecTeen volunteers.

“She is very interested in helping others,” Lori said. “And appreciates the extensive training [volunteers receive.]”

Without monthly donors like Jim and Lori Ryan, Simone Rousseau and Anna Nelson, we would not be able to provide the excellent level of crisis support that we do.

In 2015, monthly donors donated nearly $5000 total to support our crisis services.

Interested in becoming a monthly donor? Go to our Donate page and select “Monthly Gift.” Want to learn more? Contact us to set up a tour of our centre.